Whether you doubt it or believe it, there are some persons who wouldn’t date that hot guy everyone is having a crush on or that beautiful girl who is the talk of the town and seems to be the centre of all attraction. You may think, well, maybe they don’t find them as attractive as other people do since beauty of course is in the eyes of the beholder but the genuine news is that they do, and sometimes even more than others. You may go again to wonder who doesn’t want good things and would throw away such opportunity? Yeah, because at one point, perhaps during our adolescents we wanted to date that cute guy in our school, beautiful girl at church or you realized you started having a crush on your  best friend or maybe yes!__ You had a huge crush on a celebrity and wished they were yours.

While you were seriously wishing to have that gum dropping celebrity all to yourself/ expose your new found feeling to your cute best friend and hopes it doesn’t ruin your friendship, there are some fellows who can bet to never do such! While we are still considering this strange, let us look at some of the most common reasons the fans of this obviously strange act give for their opinion.

1. They can’t have who everybody wants: The ‘popular opinion’ being, since everyone out there is interested in him/ her then they can’t have a peaceful and warm relationship owning their partner because they think that those admirers would always do everything possible to get their own turn in nursing this blooming flower or having a bite of this irresistible cake which would result in them, the less cuter one being kicked out of the relationship.

2. These super cute people are of high maintenance: I can say that men are mostly guilty of this one. The persons in this category believe that for the woman in question to be as beautiful as she is, with a flawless hair, gorgeous outfit and sexy body, she must be spending valuable time and cash on her looks so they judge her styles & standard as pricey or even extravagant! I don’t really blame them though because even if you bargain successfully for a car that’s out of your budget, you can’t go home with it if you don’t pay. They weigh their wallets & pockets before hand and decide not to bargain at all. Good math!

3.Cute and stylish guys are fUck boiz: The women are mostly the persons who make up this category. Some girls or ladies are so scared of coming in contact with hot guys, in fact they call them ‘the ladies men’. In this category, the ‘popular belief’ is that since the man is so handsome, or really cute and has got a great body and knows how to dress well & look smart, then other ladies might see what they see in him and potentially get attracted to him the same way they are attracted to this guy. That is not where the main problem lies. Now, they adore this guy for his ability to talk to women and get her interest/ get her on his side but they are scared that this guy would use that same skill on every woman he ever crosses path with.

4. Infidelity, unfaithfulness, lack good manners: The persons in this category think that every woman who wears her beauty/ crown astonishingly or any man who flaunts his manliness in an impeccable way does not really have something to offer. They assume that these perfect human beings, behind the curtains, are totally imperfect and lack good manners and as such wouldn’t want something as intimate as a relationship with them ‘cause for all they know these demi gods would turn out to be unfaithful, infidel and lack other virtuous qualities. And since they are highly priced in the market, on the scenes, it won’t be hard for them to quit the relationship when their ‘virtuous’ partners start complaining thereby leaving these ‘virtuous’ partners to suffer the heartbreak alone.

Whether it is as a result of a low self-esteem, insecurity, the fact that you’re not financially buoyant, a sense of jealousy or envy, I don’t think anyone should be criticized for how they look, better put: how cute they look. I think everybody should have a chance at love and a healthy relationship. A person’s look does not totally define their character so give that amazing guy a chance, give that fantastic girl a chance!

Have your or your friend ever been in a situation that you were scared of dating someone because they were super cute and exotic, how did you really feel? Did you go ahead to give the date a try or did you abruptly reject it? Share one of these experiences with us as we’d like to know! Until then, keep appreciating everyone’s beauty.

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