Npower Health – Npower Registration 2020 Recruitment

What is Npower Health about?

To ensure the quality of Public Health, Npower Health volunteers are deployed to Primary Health Care Centres cut across various LGAs in different states.

Npower Health volunteer focus mainly on preventive healthcare among women, children and vulnerable group.

Just like every other volunteer, Npower Health volunteers are entitled to monthly stipends and a device of their choice.

Npower Health volunteers account for over 47,000+ primary health care workers.

What is the requirement to join?


  1. Community Health Extension (JCHEW & SCHEW)
  2. Nursing
  3. Midwifery
  4. Medical Laboratory Technology
  5. Pharmacy Technology
  6. Medical Records
  7. Health Education
  8. Environmental Health Technology
  9. Microbiology
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Biology
  12. Agricultural Science and other allied disciplines.


  1. JCHEW
  2. SCHEW
  4. OND
  5. HND
  6. RN
  7. RM
  8. B. Tech
  9. BSc.


  1. Schools of Health Technology
  2. Nursing Schools
  3. Midwifery Schools
  4. Polytechnics
  5. Universities

What are the benefits of Npower Health?

  • Computing devices containing information on N-Teach, training and development materials, and one-year internet access.
  • You will be paid a monthly stipend of 30,000 nairas during the programme.

What happens after the Npower Health programme?

Ultimately, N-Power Teach volunteers can aspire to a life-long career in teaching or allied fields. Possible destinations include:

  • Health Education Specialist
  • Health Promotion Coordinator
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Health Department Administrator
  • Government Policy Analyst
  • Displaced Persons Coordinator
  • HIV/AIDS Educator
  • Project Manager in Public Health
  • Field Investigator
  • Community Health Worker

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