My Money is My money and His Money is Our Money’

Have you ever heard someone make that statement before? What comes to your mind when you hear a lady speak about her and her partner’s finances in such a downgrading manner? Often, people feel that anyone who can stoop so low to make such a statement is selfish, and might not be a good home manager or a resourceful person since they’ll depend on the man in their lives for money related issues every minute. You don’t need a certificate in any of those field to be able to manage your home dutifully, or at least appreciate the finances of you and your partner equally.

Some women, girls or ladies think they have a justification for that statement as they say ‘having your own money is good but a man’s money is sweeter.’ When I was younger, I didn’t have an idea of what a man’s money tasted like, and even now, apart from the warmth that comes with receiving a gift from the person you hold precious, I don’t think men’s money taste differently. Let us put it straight that there is a difference between gifts and cash gifts. And while your man puts in effort to send in that gift that comes with a great warmth, you should always be willing to reciprocate his kind and thoughtful act. Won’t you like to see him smile the way he (sometimes) goes out of his way to make your cheeks blush and bring out that smiley face?

Another set of women bring in the ‘he is the head of the house’ or ‘he is supposed to be the head of the house’ quote. How a good number of them think that the man, their partner is the head only when finances and spending is involved is quite something to laugh about. I don’t want to delve to the part where some of these women tend to neglect their partners concerning other aspects of life, not remembering that he is the head. LOL. Dear some ladies out there, how would you feel if all someone ever wanted from you was money, money, money! There is more to a relationship than having someone close by who spends on you whenever you want. You can’t reject their kind gestures but you can always appreciate it and never take them for granted because many people who spend for/ on their dear ones genuinely never really do so to prove a point but it is out of the love in their hearts that they do so, in a bid to see the one who they hold dear smile.

It is not a case if the woman holds more money than the man, and what should she do now? Ask the man to get out and make more money for both of them since her money is her money and his is supposed to cater for the needs of them both? Oh!  ‘My money is my money and his money is our money’ hasn’t ever seemed a nice relationship financial theory, I believe every person in a relationship deserves to be spoiled by their partner. If the money is coming from both hands, fine. If the money is coming from one side, no problem. What is important is that they know how to appreciate each other’s effort towards themselves.

If you’ve got the money as a lady, spend it on your man as well and don’t wait for him to do so all the time ‘cause your money is your money, his money is his money and your monies can be for both of you. Have you ever been in a situation where someone expects you to spend heavily on them but won’t even spare some change on you, how did you feel? Tell us also what you feel about the ‘my money is my money and his money is our money’ geng and people who might have some point made that statement. We’ll love to read your comments!

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