Taaooma Biography: age, career, and net worth.

Taaooma (Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam) is famous for her hilarious skits on Instagram, she also posts stuff on youtube too.

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Taaooma Age and Early life

Taaooma hails from Kwara state, She was born and brought up in Illorin, Kwara state. Her date of birth is February 27th, 1999, I’m not a mathematician but I know that makes her 21 years old. She is quite popular for the mother roles she plays and I must confess, she is brilliant at what she does.

Taaooma Family and Education

Her mum’s name is Mrs. Aishat Apaokagi. I wonder if she gets her inspiration from her. She finished her secondary school at Concordia College in Namibia. Taaooma graduated from Kwara State University where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management.

Taaooma is currently serving in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Taaooma Career


Taaooma dived into comedy skits in 2015, that’s quite sometime if you asked me. In her skits, she mimics the regular African mother which she plays so well in my opinion. Like she became the role which I find fascinating. I’m sure you guys agree too.

She has received her fair share of critics about the repetitiveness of her skits, you’ll hear stuff like “she isn’t funny, she just slapping people in her skits” I don’t think there will come a time where I’ll be tired of the ‘slapping’ because I’m always expecting one, I just can’t get enough of the slaps.

During an interview, Taaooma revealed that her boyfriend encouraged her to start making skits, that she didn’t have any Plan on becoming a comedian.

I forgot to mention that her boyfriend is a music video director, so you can see the link and why he would encourage her

Taaooma and her boyfriend, Abula own a production company called The Greenade Company.

It is a full-time video production company and she also has plans to make movies in the coming years. I’m so looking forward to her movies.

Taaooma came into the spotlight in 2016 after her comedy videos started making waves on Instagram. Her video ideas come from everyday life experiences with an African mother and child.

Taaooma started gaining traction in 2016 after her comedy skits started becoming popular on Instagram, I really can’t emphasize the power, You can’t count the number of careers that started with/on Instagram.

She won the “Best Online Comedian of the year” award at the Gage awards, 2019. I was so happy for her, I pray she keeps soaring high.

You can watch her videos on youtube

Taaooma’s networth

As at the time of writing , her net worth has not been estimated.

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