Virgin at 26: With teenage love, emotions, and other struggles, some teenage girls tend to lose their virginity at a tender age and there are numerous causes of this. Though ‘ virgin ‘ is used to describe a boy who hasn’t had sex ever before these days, this article will concern girl virginity in particular.

virgin at 26

No matter how long a girl or woman stays without being involved in sexual affairs, I don’t think she should be questioned.

Personally, I wanted to get deflowered at 18 but fortunately or unfortunately for me even at 19 I was still a virgin. So, if a woman or a girl is 26 and still a virgin, I think two things are involved.

It is either she feels comfortable keeping her virginity and prefers her sexual status that way or she’s willing to lose it but hasn’t found the right person yet.

virgin at 26

Remember that when I mention ‘ virgin ‘ I specifically mean someone or people who have never felt what it means to know a man, woman, etc ( depending on their sexuality ).

Still, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a young woman feeling comfortable about keeping her virginity at 26.

Often, I hear people who assume that there must be something wrong with such a woman, she might be awkward and is just a weird person for all they know. ‘ Virgin at 26? Damn ! ‘, or in Nigerian Pidgin parlance ‘ you sure say her village people no dey follow her ? ‘ depicting that there must be more to her still being a virgin than the ordinary.

virgin at 26

Even if she’s ready or has been ready but hasn’t found the right person yet then I don’t think she should be ‘ dragged ‘ because of that.

She may decide to lose it with any person if she wants, and at the end of the day, it’s still her choice whether to keep it or not.

Some people see sex as sacred and would not want to have it with just anybody so please let them take their time, and the next time you see a virgin at 26 don’t ask her ‘ why! ‘

virgin at 26

If she wants to discuss it with you she’ll do so,  you don’t have to make her feel like there’s something not right with her.

Everyone has a choice for how they want to treat their body and all that has to do with it.

Now that you know it’s not weird to find a virgin at  26, and they’re just as normal as you who lost yours at 14, 16 or  22 or even you who’s 32 and still keeping it, use the comment section to tell us how old you were when you lost your virginity and narrate to us if there’s an incredible story to it! Good day readers….

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